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Philippines Travel Restrictions

63.19% of citizens have been vaccinated No change since last week
Unvaccinated visitors from India will not be allowed to enter the Philippines.
Vaccinated visitors from India can enter the Philippines with a negative COVID-19 test result.

For restrictions that apply to vaccinated visitors, please check the official guidelines from the Philippines for the types of accepted and permitted COVID-19 vaccinations, requirements on proof of vaccination certificates, vaccination validity period, and persons and/or groups that may be exempt from vaccination restrictions.

Philippines entry details and exceptions

Most travelers are not allowed to enter the Philippines. Most travelers must have a valid existing visa to be allowed entry into the Philipines. These entry restrictions do not apply to Filipino citizens, including those with an Identification Certificate, travelers under the Balikbayan Program who fulfill other specific program requirements, travelers who are holders of valid and existing Special Resident and Retirees Visa or Section 9 visas without the need of an entry exemption document, Foreign spouses, parent, or children of Filipino citizens, not traveling together with the Filipino and shall present a visa with the notation “EED not required per IATF Resolution No. 128 (s.2021)”.

Fully vaccinated nationals of non-visa required countries under Executive Order No. 408 (s.1960), as amended, shall be allowed to enter the Philippines

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Outgoing travel to the PhilippinesTravelling from India to the Philippines

COVID-19 testing requirements
Test type

Visitors from India must present a negative RT-PCR (NAAT) or Antigen (quick-test) test taken within 48 hours for RT-PCR (NAAT) and 24 hours for Antigen (quick-test) before departing to the Philippines.

Details and exceptions
Travelers aged 3 years and under are exempt, unless symptomatic.
Quarantine requirements

Unvaccinated visitors from India will need to quarantine for 14 days upon entering the Philippines.

Fully vaccinated visitors with approved vaccination certificates do not need to quarantine.

Details and exceptions
unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated travelers are required to complete facility-based quarantine until the release of their negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test results, taken on the 5th day after arrival. After receiving negative test results, travelers are required to complete home quarantine until the 14th day.
Travelers under the age of 12 who cannot be vaccinated must follow the quarantine protocols of the Filipino parent/s traveling with them. Non-Filipino travelers aged between 12-17 years must follow the classification and procedures designated for their vaccination status. Fully vaccinated travelers are not required to quarantine on arrival in the Philippines but they must self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms for 7 days, with the day of arrival being the first day.

Return travelReturning to India from the Philippines

COVID-19 testing requirements
Test type

Unvaccinated travelers returning from the Philippines must present a negative RT-PCR (NAAT) test taken within 72 hours before departure to India.

Fully vaccinated travellers with approved vaccination certificates do not need to present a negative COVID-19 test.

Details and exceptions
Travelers should upload their negative RT-PCR test report in the Air Suvidha Portal prior to boarding their flight.
Travelers will undergo a medical screening upon arrival and may be subject to a covid-19 molecular test at their own expense.
Children under 5 years of age are exempted from both pre and post-arrival testing.
Fully vaccinated travelers with WHO-recognized or Nationally-recognized vaccines are also exempted from testing requirements. Proof of vaccination should be uploaded in the Air Suvidha Portal.
Quarantine requirements

Visitors returning from the Philippines are not required to quarantine upon entering India.

Details and exceptions
Quarantine is no longer required. However, travelers are advised to self-monitor their health for 14 days from arrival and if they develop signs and symptoms suggestive of COVID19, they should immediately self-isolate and report to their nearest health facility or call National helpline number (1075)/ State Helpline Number.