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Japan Travel Restrictions

81.99% of citizens have been vaccinated increase from 81.90% last week
Most visitors from India, regardless of vaccination status, need to provide a negative COVID-19 test result and quarantine to enter Japan.

Japan entry details and exceptions

As emergency precautionary measure from a preventive perspective, new entry of foreign nationals is suspended for the time being. Foreign nationals who are entitled to enter Japan as those with special exceptional circumstances are required to apply for an appropriate visa at Embassies or Consulates or Consular Office of Japan in their respective country/region.

Entry Restriction does not apply to Japanese nationals, holders of permanent or long-term residency permits with a re-entry permit or re-entry confirmation letter, spouses, or children of Japanese citizens or permanent residents.

For more details, you may visit the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs websites.

Outgoing travel to JapanTravelling from India to Japan

COVID-19 testing requirements
Test type

Visitors from India must present a negative RT-PCR (NAAT) test taken within 72 hours before departing to Japan.

Details and exceptions
All permitted travelers including Japanese nationals have to submit a certificate of negative covid test result conducted within 72 hours prior to departing from the country or region of travel origin. The test must be presented in the valid certificate format and must comply with very strict requirements.
Travelers are also subject to another COVID-19 test upon arrival.
Quarantine requirements

Visitors from India will need to quarantine for 7 days upon entering Japan.

Details and exceptions
Permitted travelers, including Japanese nationals, are required to self-quarantine for 7 days in own residence or other place of accommodation. This may be shortened to 3 days if traveler provides a negative COVID-19 test result performed on the 3rd day of arrival in Japan. Booster-vaccinated travelers are NOT required any self-quarantine.
Travelers arriving from designated countries or regions may be subject to 3 days quarantine at facilities designated by the Chief of the Quarantine Station while booster-vaccinated travelers can do the 7-days self-quarantine at home. Those who obtain a negative COVID-19 test result performed on the 3rd day of arrival, may end quarantine early.
A document to get commitment on taking necessary measures to ensure that quarantine and other necessary health measures are properly observed
Fill out the quarantine questionnaire and save the issued QR code.
All those who enter, re-enter or return to Japan (including Japanese nationals) are requested to submit a certificate of negative test result of pre-entry COVID-19 test conducted within 72 hours prior to departing from the country/region where travelers stay when entering Japan.
Emergency and Contact Tracing Apps

Return travelReturning to India from Japan

COVID-19 testing requirements
Test type

Unvaccinated travelers returning from Japan must present a negative RT-PCR (NAAT) test taken within 72 hours before departure to India.

Fully vaccinated travellers with approved vaccination certificates do not need to present a negative COVID-19 test.

Details and exceptions
Travelers should upload their negative RT-PCR test report in the Air Suvidha Portal prior to boarding their flight.
Travelers will undergo a medical screening upon arrival and may be subject to a covid-19 molecular test at their own expense.
Children under 5 years of age are exempted from both pre and post-arrival testing.
Fully vaccinated travelers with WHO-recognized or Nationally-recognized vaccines are also exempted from testing requirements. Proof of vaccination should be uploaded in the Air Suvidha Portal.
Quarantine requirements

Visitors returning from Japan are not required to quarantine upon entering India.

Details and exceptions
Quarantine is no longer required. However, travelers are advised to self-monitor their health for 14 days from arrival and if they develop signs and symptoms suggestive of COVID19, they should immediately self-isolate and report to their nearest health facility or call National helpline number (1075)/ State Helpline Number.

Other COVID-19 restrictions for Japan

Masks:Required in public spaces.
Restaurants:Open with restrictions
Bars:Open with restrictions