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How does KAYAK's flight Price Forecast tool help me choose the right time to buy my flight ticket from Vijayawada to Thiruvananthapuram?

What is the Hacker Fare option on flights from Vijayawada to Thiruvananthapuram?

What is KAYAK's "flexible dates" feature and why should I care when looking for a flight from Vijayawada to Thiruvananthapuram?

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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

Overall score based on 650 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "I liked the fact that it was a direct flight"
Cons: "Little more customer satisfaction"

Cons: "Extremely bumpy take off and landing. The pilot could do better."

Cons: "The website does not describe baggage allowance clearly as compared to other airlines. It lists “excess baggage weight” but not the 15kg limit. The choice of 15kg as the limit is a BIG problem for international travelers who may be coming for longer stays. Air India has a much friendlier policy for checked and carryon baggage and I would choose it by far. We were charged for every kilo even though prepay options online were not user friendly. 4 thumbs down, way down."

Pros: "Amazing crew, clean plane and on-time and seamless boarding and arrival."
Cons: "Entertainment option via app."

Cons: "Good airline. Flight was delayed due to weather"

Pros: "Crew was great. Back holder of Seats were loose / broken."
Cons: "Connecting Indigo flight was poor as no supply of liquor n beverages. No proper n sufficient food. One cold sandwich was given"

Pros: "nothing, they did provide us with refreshments for flight delay."
Cons: "everything has to be improved"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "To avoid travelling by indigo would be better"

Pros: "Flight attendants were the best and very friendly"
Cons: "Not much, on time flights and friendly flight attendants"

Pros: "Cleanliness, quality of service and the attitude of cabin staff."
Cons: "Delays to be avoided, Gate changes to be avoided, Boarding process was not properly streamlined."

Pros: "Very new aircraft . On time"

Pros: "Punctuality, and cleanliness."
Cons: "No comments."

Pros: "Service and staff were brilliant"
Cons: "No in flight entertainment . Plastic pot noodles and rice could be changed to something more environmentally sustainable. Seats not very comfortable."

Cons: "Very dismal performance.Copilot was missing in the last minute. incorrect baggage weighing scales.had to pay extra. Plane delayed by 4 hours almost missed my international connection. Very very stressful and unprofessional expression especially. Absolutely would not recommend this airline."

Cons: "Long delay in getting bags in Hyderabad. Turbulence in the air"

Pros: "Absolutely nothing !"
Cons: "The pilot were absolutely amateurs ! Altitude descend felt more like a nose dive ! Approach to mumbai airport was so rough and that we thought our lives were at stake !"

Cons: "Waited close to an hour for collecting baggage at the terminal"

Cons: "Legspace for passengers"

Cons: "In hurry to turn around aircraft, the tray table and aircraft was not cleaned. Boarding started and passengers were made to stand in queue even before the aricraft was cleaned, causing avoidable inconvenience."

Cons: "I wish Indigo flight get in-flight internet."

Cons: "Flight was on time. Crew were professional."

Cons: "Food variety"

Pros: "Worst service"
Cons: "Bad. I had paid for seats in row 1 and they allocated seats in row 29 and no explanation given"

Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Courteous and efficient staff."

Cons: "Lost my luggage due to mistake at check in desk"

Cons: "Check in was terrible. They had so much trouble with international credit card!!! Almost made me miss my flight."

Pros: "the airline manage the well UPTU issuing boarding pass."
Cons: "Airline doesn't provide inflight meals moreover they do not accept Indian currency, the currency half the country from which they are operating. They were accepting credit card to be charged in US dollar or cash in Qatar Riyal for the food amount. I offered to pay through credit card but two cards has failed while third was accepted. There were many passengers who were not carrying case in Qatar Riyal and their cards work not successfully swipe,therefore they remained hungry. This is in human and no airline on international route is allowed to do so"

Cons: "Nothing to remark"

Pros: "No delay proffesioal staff and efficient work and space"

Pros: "Everything"

Pros: "Everything except boarding"
Cons: "I am a senior citizen & was issued boarding pass for Gate no 26 in Kolkata. I received a SMS that Gate changed to Gate no 18 & then Gate No 19. I was not only harassed but under stress if the gate is going to change again & I should not miss it."

Pros: "The people"
Cons: "The seats, it was too warm. Being herded into busus like cattle."

Pros: "People taking care are nice lot"
Cons: "Flight was delayed"

Cons: "A"

Pros: "In an Indigo flight, there is nothing to like"
Cons: "The fact that Indigo did not allow us to change the flight and made my wife to rebook the return flight"

Pros: "What a great airline! On time, safe, good service, and really cool brand."
Cons: "Limiting the free baggage allowance to 15 kg is quite difficult to meet when you are a foreigner visiting India. The cost for extra weight is very expensive."

Pros: "It was delayed by 1 hr. There was also rats and mosquitos in the airport and only one option for food and drink that wasn’t very good. But aside from that once one the flight everything was fine."

Cons: "Arrive Chennai after 26 hrs of two flights. Not clear need totransfer to nearby domestic terminal, nor how to get there. Kayak didn't inform me of how to claim my eticket which they had booked thru 3rd party "Kiwi" in Brno, using a credit card number not my own. Had to show my pre printed invoice to claim my "E"-ticket. Stress-inducing, not relaxing, but not a catastrophy."

Pros: "Everything except that the veg sandwich finished out of stock & myself being a diabetic started having hypo (Low blood sugar). Luckily I had my glucose tablets."
Cons: "Food out of stock"

Pros: "Low fares, convenient schedules, friendly crews, punctual on three separate flights, clear announcements"
Cons: "Slack enforcement of basic rules: wearing seat belts, not using phones in flight, not standing up until the plane has come to a stop."

Pros: "The extremely helpful crew. Helped me onto the bus and carried our bags. I was also escorted down the ramp."
Cons: "No refreshments available for the return flight."

Cons: "I did not like the fact it was delayed. I had to pay for an additional flight to get to coimbatore to fulfil my commitments."

Pros: "Staff and service. Efficient travel time."
Cons: "Noted a difference in passenger type on this flight. Some were rather demanding for the crew members in that some passengers did not adhere to safety protocols. Staff handled the situation in very professional manner."

Pros: "Honestly nothing"
Cons: "This is the worst airline i have ever traveled. Indigo change their flight times many times and they canceled the flight twice hence i will never book this flight in future"

Pros: "Worst airline"
Cons: "Beware before booking. They cancelled the flight teo days before and even after 20 days i didn't get the refund which the airline promised. Had to book another flight in short time flr much higher rate. This airlime should be banned"

Cons: "My son unable to use ticket I prepaid for him on my card. They wanted physical card which I have in usa not in India with my son"

Pros: "Flight was ontime and clean"
Cons: "Onboard food"

Pros: "Assistance provided"

Pros: "Poor on board service"

Pros: "overall safety is good"
Cons: "media is not at all working and its hard on such long flights without media especially when you are traveling with kids"

Pros: "Crew is very poor"

Pros: "If parents are traveling alone, then it is okay"
Cons: "No Entertainment, TV was not working"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "They delayed the flight hence my parents Mangalore flight got missed..air India timings are pathetic"

Pros: "Crew were excellent"
Cons: "Though I paid extra baggage charges at JFK , traveling all the way to Ranchi. At Delhi I was asked again to pay for the baggage, I had to call the supervisor to stress my point, even after showing the receipt which had stamped as 'IXR' for Ranchi"

Pros: "the crew was nice"
Cons: "Flight was more than an hour late, it was never explained to us why. That is not a good professional practice- this should be explained to passengers. Boarding was disorganized and seemed to take longer because people were looking for places to stow their carry ons and taking up carry on space with their jackets."

Cons: "Air India says it all"

Cons: "One has to go thru customs in mumbai (awful experience) then transport them to domestic airport ! We barely made iy to our connecting flight and had to run. Our bags were wet from rain !!! i can see why most people avoid Air-India and Mumbai airport. The morons think building a shiny facility is enough, its EXPERIENCE that matters. Instead of Mumbai it should be called Mum-BYE, just because of the experience."

Pros: "Nothing to like about the service"

Cons: "Service Om the plane was horrinle"

Pros: "Crew and staff were friendly and helpful."
Cons: "Some problems with duplicate ticketing delayed the flight. Seats were small and uncomforable."

Cons: "Good flight. Good food."

Pros: "Good option = direct flight"
Cons: "Food Bathroom cleanliness and maintenance. Terrible to have 2 bathroom not running in a 16 hr flight."

Pros: "Food, convenient and very helpful"

Pros: "None"
Cons: "Crew folks are like bus conductors, bad food, screens dont work, seats not clean, junk in front pouches."

Cons: "Entertainment was not working. Old plane, Bathrooms were not clean and soap dispenser was not working. I had to wait for a long time for special assistance."

Cons: "No entertainment"

Pros: "Overall service was good by some flight crew members."
Cons: "Some passengers who were not cooperative, rude and less place to go use restrooms in flight."

Cons: "This was a one hour flight starting at 730 AM. I expected a reasonable breakfast in the business class. I was surprised that they served a micro sandwich and a slice of cake with tea/coffee - that’s all."

Cons: "too much unnecessary delay"

Cons: "No proper information ...flight was finally cancelled after waiting till 10:00"

Pros: "Crew were good"
Cons: "When I was entering into flight it was stinky"

Pros: "Crew need keep flooring clean"
Cons: "Nonstop flights"

Cons: "TV not working. No one cared even after I complained 3 times. Seats were hard and uncomfortable. 2 bathrooms were out of order"

Pros: "Good"
Cons: "Good"

Pros: "Efficient boarding and service. Served a hot breakfast to all passengers on Airbus 320 in less than an hour from start to finish."
Cons: "No issues"

Pros: "It saves time on my flight. It goes on time and leaves on time and only took 13 hrs as opposed to 21."
Cons: "Air hostess were HORRIBLE. They don't come for the light, and they disappeared after serving food! Very rude, horrible service and their responses were horrible. I hate it. I don't recommend it for ANYONE. Absolutely nasty."

Pros: "Travel time was very convenient and no delays at all. Excellent customer service"

Pros: "Leg room, food, crew"
Cons: "Entertainment"

Cons: "Restrooms were not cleaned and staff is not friendly"

Pros: "No disturbance and smooth travel"
Cons: "No entertainment"

Pros: "crew"
Cons: "entertainment"

Pros: "New flight, good food, hospitality"
Cons: "No tv"

Pros: "I liked the timing, operational aspect, night Pyjamas"
Cons: "Movie selection; not really a great selection for movies, even regionalmovies are more than 2-3 yr old; audio ports are not good; head phones are cheap and noise is more. Food selection is limited including starters; need to give warm nuts (cashews, Aonds, and Peanuts); the easy packs are tasteless. Food is routine style, need to add variety. I always travel in Business class, at least there some good food need be served; not sure how poor economy class food is"

Cons: "Timing was not maintained"

Pros: "the food was vegetarian but far better than most of the domestic flights I take in the US. The food was also included in the price of the ticket. I wasn't left debating whether to buy a boxed snack for $8 or survive on peanuts and pretzels."

Pros: "staff seemed helpful. Food was Indian."
Cons: "The entertainment system and reading light do not work. I have had this happen on my previous Air India flights too."

Pros: "Flight schedule, inflight service, boarding process, cost"
Cons: "Entertainment components seem to not work all the time, one unit not working at all. Also not having a viable connection to Chicago with reasonable cost and connectivity support"

Pros: "Food ... lunch was excellent"
Cons: "Wrong boarding and immigration announcement"

Cons: "Entertainment system was broken"

Pros: "ON TIME!!! Both legs reached before or on time at destination.,food and drink service was good compared to other airlines. Also air fare was the cheapest of all airlines!!!"
Cons: "Seat was broken and air hostess are rude and look more like mammas in sky."

Pros: "Great service. Excellent food."

Pros: "Overall it was good. Cabin crew, punctuality."
Cons: "You did not offer the 50% discount meant for senior citizens provided by Airindia. Pls do the needful to refund that amount to me."

Cons: "no through check in."

Pros: "Boarding procedure is poor"

Pros: "Non-stop flight"
Cons: "Check-in took 1.5 hrs. Food was oily and spicy. Crew was rude."

Pros: "I liked that I arrived safely. The crew were all pretty nice as well."
Cons: "Plane was extremely run down and dirty. There was dust and dirt on the windows and cabin panels, and the seat back entertainment was falling off of the chair in front of us. The bathrooms look like they haven't been cleaned ever. It generally felt like Air India does not maintain their aircraft, which makes me wonder if they do their safety maintenance on time as well. In addition, after we had taxied to the runway and were about to take off, the pilot suddenly returned to the gate because "something looked wrong." All of that adds to the feeling that this airline does not do proper maintenance."

Pros: "Cheap price I guess."
Cons: "Flight was delayed for 4 hours and we had to sit on the plane for half of that. Don't give out many refreshments during the trip. Entertainment is decent but not many options to choose from for television."

Cons: "No entertainment on-board, crew was sluggish in making announcements, old aircraft carrier which is shaky & noisy"

Pros: "On time Boarding and arrival"
Cons: "Food"

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Vijayawada to Thiruvananthapuram

Airlines flying from Vijayawada to Thiruvananthapuram have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Vijayawada to Thiruvananthapuram

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Vijayawada to Thiruvananthapuram

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Vijayawada to Thiruvananthapuram

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Vijayawada to Thiruvananthapuram

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