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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

Overall score based on 653 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "I liked the fact that it was a direct flight"
Cons: "Little more customer satisfaction"

Pros: "Seat felt very uncomfortable and as though it was about to break! Very cramped."

Cons: "Extremely bumpy take off and landing. The pilot could do better."

Cons: "The website does not describe baggage allowance clearly as compared to other airlines. It lists “excess baggage weight” but not the 15kg limit. The choice of 15kg as the limit is a BIG problem for international travelers who may be coming for longer stays. Air India has a much friendlier policy for checked and carryon baggage and I would choose it by far. We were charged for every kilo even though prepay options online were not user friendly. 4 thumbs down, way down."

Pros: "Punctuality, cabin crew and cleanliness."
Cons: "Check in at Mumbai needs to be better coordinated."

Pros: "Flight attendants were the best and very friendly"
Cons: "Not much, on time flights and friendly flight attendants"

Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing I didn't like"

Pros: "Punctuality, and professional service."
Cons: "All good."

Pros: "The staff at the airport check in counter cause too many delays by asking unnecessary questions regarding visa for concerned country, where as they only need to check for onward ticket. Also, passenger at the back of my seat was causing discomfort by stretching his legs too close to my seat"
Cons: "The staff at the aiport check in counter are not very well trained regarding visa requirements for other countries. The cabin crew needs to better train passengers regarding the amount of space allowed for their seat."

Pros: "No, not really, especially the boarding crew. Where was chaos and signs of lack of planning. Gate changed towards the end and sequential boarding wasn’t done properly."
Cons: "1. On time performance, flight started 1.5 hours late, 2. Boarding procedure was unplanned and the gate resembled a fish market."

Pros: "Very new aircraft . On time"

Pros: "Punctuality, and cleanliness."
Cons: "No comments."

Pros: "We arrived"
Cons: "The flight was an hour late on departure pushing the international flight timeline a bit too narrow."

Pros: "6E Prime was value for money. But food promised was not given as a part of it despite asking."

Cons: "45 minutes in the checking queue. And long queue at the boarding gates. Please get your act together. All it takes is a little forethought and efficiency — not many people looking busy and doing the same thing."

Pros: "On time, comfortable seats, friendly crew."

Cons: "In hurry to turn around aircraft, the tray table and aircraft was not cleaned. Boarding started and passengers were made to stand in queue even before the aricraft was cleaned, causing avoidable inconvenience."

Cons: "Food variety"

Pros: "Time from landing to collecting our luggage was the fastest we’ve ever experienced."
Cons: "Ran out of food options by the time the trolley reached us. This was a problem as we hadn’t had time for lunch"

Pros: "Clean comfy seats Attentive and polite staff"
Cons: "Very delayed. Refreshments were offered after we had already bought them ourselves!"

Pros: "Indigo flight time to time சூப்பரா இருக்கு"

Pros: "Well managed. The crew always had a smile on them and seems to be very helpful."
Cons: "The crew was requesting to use the toilets at the rear of the plane whereas the one on the front were used by them. That’s totally unfair as there are more passengers than the crew and customer being the passengers should be given more access. The Indigo management should make sure this issue is being taken care of."

Cons: "Flight delayed and no info"

Pros: "Worst service"
Cons: "Bad. I had paid for seats in row 1 and they allocated seats in row 29 and no explanation given"

Cons: "Lost my luggage due to mistake at check in desk"

Cons: "Check in was terrible. They had so much trouble with international credit card!!! Almost made me miss my flight."

Pros: "Air hostess service and flight timings"

Cons: "Announcements should be in local language primarily. Crew was not friendly. No smiles on any of the crew members."

Pros: "Flight Stewart’s Response"
Cons: "Ground staff highly untrained & indifferent"

Cons: "Nothing to remark"

Cons: "When you people send a copy of the E Ticket you place a picture of a fake credit card at the bottom of the page. There were three of us travelling independantly through India and each time we presented the appropiate copy of the E -Ticket they wanted to see the credit card pictured on the ticket. Of course this was impossible because you guys made it up for some unknown reason. If you ever want us to use your service in future you're going to have to stop doing this practice."

Pros: "No delay proffesioal staff and efficient work and space"

Pros: "Everything"

Pros: "Everything except boarding"
Cons: "I am a senior citizen & was issued boarding pass for Gate no 26 in Kolkata. I received a SMS that Gate changed to Gate no 18 & then Gate No 19. I was not only harassed but under stress if the gate is going to change again & I should not miss it."

Pros: "As above no food score as didn’t buy anything and no entertainment score as none on board b"

Pros: "People taking care are nice lot"
Cons: "Flight was delayed"

Cons: "A"

Pros: "All great !"

Pros: "Punctual and no frills flight, I would go again."
Cons: "Limited food option and choice Appreciate that’s it’s low cost airline, but is disappointingly poor on entertainment (inflight)."

Cons: "Good"

Pros: "Cabin temp was too warm. It should be set at 23/24 to keep people comfortable not 28."
Cons: "Heat"

Cons: "The flight was delayed repeatedly, so I never got on board. I drove to Delhi instead to catch my flight from there. Indigo made no arrangements to help anyone get anywhere that I could see."

Pros: "Nothing much. Typical low cost airline with low level of customer care and interaction"
Cons: "I have already stated what I felt."

Pros: "Flight was on time."
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Nothing that i liked"
Cons: "I wanted to cancel the ticket but none of your cook gravy details were reachable. I sent emails but no reply. I had to cancel the ticket from indigo directly but i didn't get the refund for the same yet. Bri unhappy with the service."

Cons: "I missed the flight coz it was preponed. I had to spend 500 extra dollars on scheduling my international flight."

Cons: "The chicken Junglee sandwich was stale hard and really dry."

Cons: "Indigo Crew Is Not Passenger Friendly. Always in a hurry to move on. I asked for Non Veg Cuppa Noodle and the answer I got was we aren't carrying it today so I made do with the veg one. Hold behold the other hostess served the Non Veg version to passengers in the row in front of me. Typical Indigo Crew The flight was delayed and the on time with Indigo is anyways a misnome, the announcement was made only an hour or so before departure. Poor service."

Pros: "Poor on board service"

Pros: "with 23 years old aircraft, I expected the seats are not comfortable. Same with the entertainment screen, it did not work for almost half the flight and after that, it started working like 1990s PC. The meal okay compared to other flights. From Ahmedabad to Delhi, there was no meal."
Cons: "The attitude of check-in staff. The Check-in lady was rude to talk, felt like she does not want to help me, answered my question after repeating it 3 times. Also, at the boarding gate, same staff."

Pros: "Crew was very good and food was excellent."
Cons: "Entertainment need to be improved with quality equipment."

Pros: "Crew was extra helpful and kept checking on me when I had a fever."

Pros: "That I got from Pune to New Delhi"
Cons: "The flight was delayed by an hour and 10 mins and no announcements at Pune airport. Cabin crew seemed welcoming when entering the aircraft but was very crude in the way food was served and didn't really care. Just wanted to get it all over with and go home it seemed."

Cons: "NA"

Pros: "Leg room"
Cons: "Poor movie selection"

Cons: "Whenever I have been travelling by Air India there is no proper working power code that hates me really bad and please update the movies as well."

Pros: "Crew was very welcoming and helpful."
Cons: "The plane was not clean and very little leg room."

Pros: "Crew was very nice. Seats were comfortable."
Cons: "One bathroom was leaking water and came out of bathroom on the carpet. One more bathroom had no bath tissue. In that bathroom sink was chocked."

Pros: "AC was at right temperature Food was tasty Crew served well Toilets were clean and well kept"
Cons: "1. No overhead storage area beyond seat 25 until 28 as it was dumped by some stuffs by air crew 2. No storage basket in front of each each seat to place items 3. Boarding was delayed at the gates"

Pros: "Flight timing, booking and boarding staff very helpful, decent service by inflight staff."
Cons: "Broken entertainment system"

Pros: "AirIndia Charges pretty good amount for ticket prices compare to other airlines but internal seats and other infrastructure is pretty old. Please upgrade the flights."
Cons: "seats, entertainment system, lights are pretty old. Need upgrades."

Cons: "I purchased seats through justfly but air india refused to honor my seat selection. In fact this happened earlier between SFO to Delhi and Delhi to Pune as well. Money down the drain."

Pros: "Smooth nice flight, crew pleasant, long walk to & from gates."
Cons: "only 3 check in counters staffed. Domestic Flight was routed through International gates & terminal - big pain. Finally a small newly wed bride sitting next to me took up more of my space than a big overweight person, very obnoxious. My aisle seat back did not recline - broken."

Pros: "Overall experience"
Cons: "None"

Pros: "Comfortable seats"
Cons: "No entertainment, only Vegetarian"

Cons: "Very old flights. Half the seats in business class are broken and don’t function. The cushion is to firm and caused body aches"

Cons: "Flight status at Pune airport not communicated well"

Cons: "Using the entertainment system was very cumbersome. For one thing, it did not work at the start and someone had to reset the system. Even after that, the system was very sluggish in responding to commands. The range of available selection was very limited."

Cons: "My screen did not work even after repeated restarts"

Pros: "Air India is fine airline. Appreciated the help getting to connecting flight"
Cons: "The problem was the times printed on our itinerary was wrong. Nepal is 15 minutes different from Delhi and Delhi is 30 min diy from rest of world. Go figure. So we ended up with tight connections even though out itinerary did not show that."

Pros: "Service and Food"
Cons: "Entetrainment system and plane quality"

Cons: "Dirty plane seat , no good food"

Pros: "Food, service and non stop flight"
Cons: "decore needed a upkeep, arm rests were broken on both sides, passenger next to me his entertainment system was broken."

Pros: "Nice"

Pros: "The one air host who smiled at me. That’s about it."
Cons: "The absolute worst was when an air India staffer refused to let me board my flight to mumbai from Delhi because the boarding pass got ripped. Well, I had a 15 hour flight from Chicago before and was super tired. During my transit,I think it just got peeled off, not my fault or carelessness. Anyways, he didn’t care because they had let a few people in before me with peeled off passes, and I needed to be used to set an example. So, my punishment for losing part of my pass was that I couldn’t board. Nor did he smile, or help me. Absolutely rude and unhelpful. Thank god I eventually found it, and was allowed to board. In addition, entertainment didn’t work."

Cons: "even at the start of the flight the bathrooms were extremely dirty"

Cons: "The flight was delayed 25 hours. Was given $10 on day one to get food where just a bottle of water at the airport is $3. After hours of lying that we were going to depart on the scheduled day. They finally cancelled the flight after I was at the airport for more then 12 hours. Stayed at a hotel and was given no dinner or water. Next morning was given $12 for food and promised a depart time of 11:30 am and plane too off at 3:40pm."

Pros: "I like the food and flight crew service"
Cons: "The flight I boarded has less leg space and Tv didn't work.As it is a long journey,we expect minimal facilities like tv etc.."

Pros: "Leg room was good. The entertainment system was good but outdated and did not work on 3 of the 5 seats we had."
Cons: "The entertainment systems were not working on 3 of the 5 seats we had. The headphone jacks were also not working. The flight crew was not available to help with this when requested."

Cons: "Didn’t even make it there"

Pros: "Boarding was efficient and left on time"
Cons: "Temp In plane ran in extremes of hot and cold. Food was too spicy"

Pros: "Absolutely nothing. I’ve never felt so mistreated or disrespected on a flight. Utterly unprofessional and unhelpful."
Cons: "I fly a LOT, and this was one of the very worst flight experiences I’ve ever had. The flight was delayed and the staff (on the ground and in the air) were rude and unhelpful. As a result I missed my connecting flights to Nairobi and on to Lusaka. Air India staff couldn’t be bothered to offer even the most basic support in trying to make the flight or helping to reschedule. I had to spend almost five extremely stressful hours running back and forth in the Mumbai airport to get Air India to issue a basic form letter stating their flight was delayed in order to get my next flight rebooked, and was yelled at by their abysmal customer service staff. As a result I’m out hundreds of dollars in missed flights and extra hotel rooms and arrived 24 hours late (!) to my final destination. I will think long and hard before EVER booking an Air India flight again."

Cons: "The crew service"

Pros: "Priority boarding for families"
Cons: "Meals. No children meals for kids for entire 15 h flight"

Pros: "The timing of the flight was good."
Cons: "To Long flight. Service Okay."

Pros: "Great seat comfort."

Pros: "Plane was brand new with modern technology"

Pros: "Spacious leg room"
Cons: "everything else"

Cons: "Seats are broken. Entertainment system doesnt work."

Pros: "Flight was as expected."
Cons: "Nothing."

Pros: "on time arrival and departure."
Cons: "Poor leg space for economy class. Mediocre food and crew service."

Cons: "No manners & courtesy. They carry a bored expression & behave as if they are doing a favor to the passengers. They need to remember that they get paid from the ticket fares that the passengers pay."

Cons: "bad service as usual"

Pros: "Good food which is very unlikely otherwise. Indeed a pleasant flight !"

Pros: "Nonstop service"
Cons: "Beverage service was provided just once in the 15 hour flight."

Pros: "Nothing really."

Pros: "The veg meals were good and liked the baggage policy"

Pros: "Direct flight Leg space"

Pros: "."

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Pune to Hubli

Airlines flying from Pune to Hubli have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Pune to Hubli

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Pune to Hubli

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Pune to Hubli

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Pune to Hubli

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