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British Airways
Overall score based on 22,833 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "Staff all nice"
Cons: "Maintenance service could be better manage so flight delays are avoided"

Pros: "The crew was great, as always. Unfortunately, my seat mate was very overweight, pushing into my space. No fault of BA except that bigger seats would help the "growing" population of travelers."
Cons: "Bigger seats for bigger travelers. Especially on long flights. Those of us that are less full figured would be more comfortable. Go back to the system that includes one checked bag and one carry on as included in the advertised price. I know that airlines need to be more competitive, but the ala carte for luggage is not acceptable. Instead, offer an opportunity for customers t donate to offset the carbon impact. Thanks"

Cons: "Wheel chair assistance at Heathrow was very very slow it took 2 hours to change gates in Terminal 5"

Pros: "The crew was very nice. Food was pretty good."

Cons: "Ba got me too late to terminal to catch connecting flight to lax on air NZ"

Cons: "Only one round of drinks served?"

Pros: "Punctuality!"

Cons: "Food"

Pros: "the food was surprisingly good; crew very helpful after I was asked to switch seats due to screen malfunction, they helped find space to move my carry-on further front as well and assisted in getting it back after landing"

Pros: "On time good service"
Cons: "Very cramped seats on old plane."

Pros: "Short flight, uncrowded Embraer plane, easy check in at City airport and easy arrival at Prague."
Cons: "Late departure due to “late arrival of inbound aircraft” - which seems to be the norm."

Pros: "Everything from check in to arrival was first class"
Cons: "The only thing I had a problem with was baggage claim, we had priority stickers on our bags but it made no difference, bags were very slow to arrive"

Cons: "The boarding crew forced us to check-in our handbags saying there's no space on board. The flight was half empty. We had to wait 30 mins to get our luggages when we arrived. Very annoying."

Pros: "All of it we left and landed ahead of time"

Cons: "Missed Connection due to late Arrival at Heathrow from BOS, causing us to miss connection to MXP. then took a flight to LIN. Problem, was rental car was near MXP. It cost $129.70 for taxi , but have only been reimbursed $64.26 even though told at the counter that we would be reimbursed in full."

Pros: "We made it safely. The Pilot was excellent in making sure the plane was safe and keeping us informed."
Cons: "We were a little late."

Cons: "When I reserved in Kayak it said it included luggage!! I was charged 65 pounds!!! I need a regund for this!!!! Please let me know what to do!!"

Pros: "The crew as expected were helpful and friendly."
Cons: "The seats were somehow closer together than our flight out so knees rested against the seat in front. The in flight food service had run out sandwiches and the flight was delayed."

Cons: "No drink service offered -- crew simply passed by uninterested, and no attempt whatsoever to make any announcements in Spanish -- this on a flight from MAD to LHR. Pitiful."

Cons: "BA website very confusing and not efficient. There is. No option to book seats online. You. Only had the option to pay extra to book seats online which was crazy since there were many vacant seats on board ... it said you could book your seats for free online24 hours before flight but this options wasn't working ! This should not happen in these times"

Pros: "My original flight to Bologna was cancelled and was rebooked on a flight after 12 hours! The only good was that the rebooked flight took off on time"
Cons: "Flight was chaotic! No room for hand luggage. When they sell hand luggage only tickets then why not provide the space!! Banged up old aircrafts. The food selection from their “M&S” menu was limited, had nothing veg on board"

Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "waiting for boarding waiting for the take off waiting for the meal tired staff broken laguagge at the and no promised phone call from the laguagge department"

Cons: "Late BA flight made sure I had to wait 7 hours to catch and EVA air flight. I want my money back. I paid 1000 to flight British Airways not to be crammed on a flight as a show away. Super uncomfortable seat on EVA and a terrible experience. I fell on the plane."

Cons: "I thought the seats we were not comfortable"

Pros: "Service and comfort"
Cons: "Movie selection"

Pros: "Crew and service"
Cons: "Bad food Poor entertainment choices Poor TV touch screens"

Pros: "Always a good flight out of LCY"

Cons: "There was a 7H delay, the food was not good"

Pros: "Nice short flight."
Cons: "Couldn't get their attention to order a hot drink, or to toss the empty once they came around to collect the rubbish."

Pros: "All BA employees were wonderful and helpful"
Cons: "List bag. Spent all day at Heathrow with 2 jet lagged kids. Missing medication. Had to go shopping for wedding clothes. Pretty much the worst day of my life so far. (I must have lived a fairly charmed life till then ;)"

Pros: "The crew was friendly, and the plane was clean."

Pros: "The long wait at the airport had air conditioning"
Cons: " and me are waiting to get my flight changed by British Airways. I tried to change my flight because of paperwork issues. I was not given any paper to report the issue. I took pictures of myself at the British Airways counter. I called customer service. They told me my contract was with told me British Airways initially reported that it was a no show. (I was at the counter for about 2 hours, and they knew I had a contract with I hope that my contract with does not become frustrated because of British Airways interference. I was not even allowed to change my flight to come back at the end of September. It is very likely that British Airways has some part of the money paid to I am still waiting for British Airways to cooperate. I don't understand why had to tell me British Airways initially reported my long wait and conversations with their agents for 2 hours as a no show. I can prove I was there and that I talked to their agents. I also have the email from in which they told me British Airways was reporting it to the as a no show (and they knew I had a contract with"

Cons: "Soft drinks, bottled water, and a snack were not included free of charge on this flight. My fellow traveler asked for some tap water since she didn't want to purchased bottled water, but the flight attendant forgot to bring the water."

Pros: "We had ONE customer service rep in Heathrow who was incredibly helpful and tried to help get us home. She was wonderful."
Cons: "Their delayed flight from Milan to London caused us to miss our flight from London to NY, and thus our flight from NY to Denver, which was standby. When we explained how difficult it would be to catch another flight to Denver from NY with it being the weekend, and attempting to get a flight to another airport with higher chances of getting us home, their customer service rep informed us that as long as they 'fulfilled their contract' to get us to NY, it wasn't really their problem how we got home (or couldn't get home) after that."

Pros: "The entertainment controls give many options which is nice to help pass the time."
Cons: "The attendants were not as helpful as I thought they should have been and actually were a bit unpleasant."

Pros: "Everything but paying for the bags and no food w/o paying... so be it"
Cons: "Didn't like everything being extra, why, not even water and a cookie... no food and no bag and no TV is just super low client service I wish for more"

Pros: "2 of the flight attendants"
Cons: "The anarchy boarding process. The lack of plugs on the flight. The 2-year-old lap child in the seat with his Mom next to me that kicked, threw, fussed, hit, cried and more through most of the 8-hour flight because somehow a child that big doesn't need his own seat. The lousy, lousy food. The lack of food. The seats that were so tight I couldn't get up to use the lavatory when the inconsiderate woman in front of me put her seat back (and I'm totally average size). The awful entertainment selection. The worn, dirty plane."

Pros: "Very courteous staff"
Cons: "Inadequate food. Requested diabetic meal and the bread was loaded with sugar"

Cons: "Has taken up mobility/special assistance while bookkong but didn't get any assistance after landing at London Heathrow airport. Entire transfer at Heathrow airport for catching up next flight to Phoenix, USA lot of struggle had done because of it."

Cons: "I will suggest a use charger on the plane"

Cons: "No screens to help time pass, enjoy watching movies on the longer trips. Offer a "snack" and free small drink would be helpful. Pretzels or chips. Explaining customs would be helpful for those of us who don't travel. Cramped seating."

Pros: "Hard to say after they lost my luggage, cramped space, no leg room because of electronics box under seat, then the person in front of me decided to recline all the way back on a 12 hour flight. So I lost my luggage, and had some smelly stranger practically laying on my lap for 12 hours. Talk about insult to injury!"
Cons: "They forced me to check my bag, even before I boarded the plane and said there wouldn't be any room. Then they lost my bag. Worst thing I ever did was listen to the lady at the ticketing booth! Also, the way they do boarding is a total joke. All they care about is their first class passengers. For the rest, it's a free for all! Terrible, even Southwest has more organization! Sputhwest might not have assigned seating, but they're much more organized and significantly cheaper. How do you lose someone's luggage British Airways?!?!?!!!"

Cons: "Terminal 5 in Heathrow can require a lot of walking."

Pros: "Great flight staff and meals for coach were excellent. The attendants were so nice and responsive"

Pros: "Got lucky and flew in a 777-300ER, very good flight experience overall."
Cons: "Perhaps a savory snack towards the arrival would have been better."

Pros: "Decent seat pitch on the relatively new a320 configuration. Lost my bag for a weekend trip, unapologetic ground handling staff, waited 90 mins to report it and no gesture of goodwill to remedy the situation."

Pros: "The crew and service are very good and the cabin crews' smile are so nice. Love it"

Pros: "Crew fabulous. Comfortable plane and seats."
Cons: "This leg was fine. Would give BA high marks"

Pros: "The crew were great"
Cons: "Delayed!"

Cons: "Poor costumer service."

Pros: "1 check in bag missed. Launched the complaint and still no use."
Cons: "Make sure no bags misssed"

Cons: "Easy and friendly check in and inflight courtesy."

Pros: "It was a flight!"
Cons: "It seemed like the crew didn’t care that much about the flight—halfway through there was like toilet paper and other trash in the aisle and no one cared to pick it up. Just felt a little hopeless."

Pros: "Usual air India good service"
Cons: "We were told luggage to be collected at vasco de gama. It was unloaded at Bangalore. We then had 13 hours stuck in the airport with our luggage. Had our luggage not been unloaded, as expected, we would have a bit more freedom to move about. My luggage tickets had come off so I had to re-check in in. They then gave me the wrong labels saying i had to check in at internationals. This caused terrible chaos and they did not seem to understand when I tried to explain that going from Bangalore to vasco de gama was domestic. Other than that a pleasant journey."

Cons: "The flight was delayed by up to 8 hours. Apparently, this was not a one-off - Air India flights from IAD to DEL have historically had delays of 3+ pretty much every day."

Cons: "My chair didn't recline My TVs didn't work dispite rebooting Toilets always untidy Very cold"

Pros: "Seriously speaking nothing!!"
Cons: "A lot of things really..but most of all be on time!"

Cons: "They had not reserved my vegetarian meal and crew was very rude about not being able to serve my meal. Prabir"

Pros: "Smooth flight"
Cons: "Delayed 35 mins."

Cons: "Entertainment system was not working at all."

Cons: "It was okay. Good crews."

Pros: "Flight crew was helpful"
Cons: "Old plane, entertainment didn’t work."

Pros: "Timeliness"
Cons: "Nothing exceptional"

Pros: "Only onboard forc1 hour. Staff seemed very nice."
Cons: "Only a short flight so nothing to comment on."

Pros: "The crew was helpful"
Cons: "The aircraft seemed old. The window shutters/dimmers didn’t work so there was no way to avoid the bright sunlight coming in my face. The entertainment touch screen was also not functioning properly."

Pros: "Lots of leg room. Food was decent."
Cons: "Late missed connecting flight."

Pros: "Staff was very courteous overall. Food was ok. It used to be better in the past."
Cons: "entertainment was not working with few head phones on different seats. Ground staff can be more organised in traffic management at the time of boarding the plane. Different staff was giving different instructions aggravating the passengers and the staff members in return."

Cons: "Cost of my ticket from Bangalore to Delhi was $58 USD. I have been in India for 6 weeks, so I had two suitcases. It cost me $131 for a second suitcase. That is absolutely ridiculous and I will never use Air India again."

Pros: "The price and that it was a direct flight"
Cons: "Video didn’t work and there was no entertainment"

Cons: "2nd guy who help push my wheelchair was demanding for more when I gave him 200 rupee, other than that everything was okay. Crew shouldn’t be demanding for tips."

Cons: "Seats, entertaknment system and aircraft ovwrall needs maintenance."

Pros: "Excellent in-flight service - very efficient and courteous staff."
Cons: "On my outbound flight audio for entertainment was not working, Tray table was wobbly because of a missing screw. Air India had sent a message to arrive at the airport 3 hours ahead of the flight, but then they were not ready to check in baggage and issue boarding pass when I arrived 3 hours ahead of the flight departure time."

Pros: "Flight was on time, air hostess were very kind and professional, good drinks"
Cons: "old airplane, uncomfortable seats, food was not very appetizing."

Cons: "Customer service"

Pros: "the flight was ok and we were served with food,which was average,.ONLY vegetarian,. the luggage was booked all the way to Chicago which was very useful and was appreciated.,since we had a connecting flight via Istanbul to Chicago we were allowed 2 suite cases each."
Cons: "it was 2-2 and a half hours was very tiring and inconvenient especially for senior citizens and small children.they kept changing the gate and no one was there to assist the passengers."

Cons: "No onboard entertainment"

Cons: "Entertainment section doesn't seem to get update frequently. There were not any new movies. Food was not upto the mark. Given the fact that it s international flight for 12 hrs there was no toiletry or blanket provided. Seats could have seen better life then what they were in. There was no leg room if I keep water bottle in the front seat pocket."

Pros: "Crew members"
Cons: "Broken handsets, buttons missing. Two of our tv sets were broken on a 14 hour journey with two kids thats brutal. I don't know whats the deal is but every flight that I take of air india from nyc to india or back ALWAYS has a restroom that doesn't work. The one at the back doesn't have water. ALWAYS. How is it possible to take off on an aircraft on a 14 hour journey with no water in the restroom. HOW?"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything. The cabin crew were rude to the max and never came to serve whenever required. It was the shittiest 17 hours ever"

Pros: "I was sitting in economy class in a middle seat... it was a comfortable seat and the flight left and arrived on time"
Cons: "The flight crew did not have water to serve after the initial small bottle that each guest received in their seat pocket"

Cons: "3 hours late. uneatable food"

Pros: "The staff was quite nice and polite."
Cons: "Many of their TV units or the entertainment system in them were out of order which made it really difficult for passengers to pass time in long International flights."

Cons: "food not so good. The entertainment system was not working on many seats including mine"

Pros: "Same as above."
Cons: "Same as above."

Pros: "All"
Cons: "None"

Cons: "Mumbai ground staff helpful & pleasant."

Pros: "Email messages ahead of time about flight delays. I got email messages telling about flight delays, but the estimation of the delay was not accurate. Hence had to wait for long hours at the airport."
Cons: "The ground staff at Hyderabad and Mumbai were pretty much absent, until about one hour before the flight left. It would have been great if AirIndia staff was available on the ground at the gate/terminal to advice people who did not have access to email/text messages. There was not even a single announcement about the flight being late and an ETD. A few announcements would have calmed a lot of passengers."

Cons: "Air conditioning was much too cold."

Cons: "the seat covers are not clean. plus the blankets that are offered have stains. the remotes for television are almost broken. the button used for chair reclining do not work properly and needs to be pushed so hard that it keeps disturbing the passenger in the next seat."

Cons: "My travel was really uncomfortable as I was sat next to a crying kid who did not stop crying even for a second. When I asked a crew member to switch my seats I was told to stick with my own seat:("

Pros: "Air India is the best airline ever"

Cons: "Too expensive overweighted luggage"

Pros: "IT was a straight flight"
Cons: "Service poor, entertainment system not working on a 14+hr flight was a bummer, seats malfunctioning. Staff not helpful, refused to let us use vacant executive class seats even with all the problems in our seat.s, not going to use it again."

Pros: "Terrible - they changed my flight, so that it would not work with my itinerary and it is impossible to get my money back."

Pros: "The food service."

Cons: "The noodles and paneer/tofu served on flight smelled rotten, and I couldn't dare to taste it. The cake was okay."

Pros: "I have sent my proof and letter from emergency department so you would refund or credit me for future dates"
Cons: "I hope you Are working on it as i am surpriced you are checking on my flight expereince when they cmissed it Please look into my issue asap"

Pros: "Awriting"

Pros: "I like some thing : 1- the air is on time . 2-food"

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Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Croatia to Goa

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Croatia to Goa

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