Find cheap flights from Frankfurt Airport to Jammu


Find cheap flights from Frankfurt Airport to Jammu

Frankfurt am Main (FRA)
Jammu Satwari
Wed 3/3
Wed 10/3
Any month
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Top airline flying Frankfurt am Main to Jammu Satwari

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

Air India
Overall score based on 6,689 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "Flight was able to reach on time inspite of late start"
Cons: "Food, service, entertainment system in flight were in despicable shape Staff not courteous at all"

Cons: "Everything can be upgraded as nothing works in air india. Bathrooms are always either flooded or so dirty. Need more hygienic way of traveling."

Pros: "The cabin was nice quiet and peaceful"
Cons: "Flight got delayed but was not informed. Incoming was late so (which captain informed during in alight announcment). ] Im sure AI new well in advance that this flight will be delayed for sure. Should have informed the passengers!"

Cons: "Cancelled my flight and changed my schedule to next day with out intimating me till last minute which is very rediculous."

Pros: "Crew members well behaved"
Cons: "Food quality"

Pros: "Food and service was good"
Cons: "Entertainment must be improved besides seat and washroom upkeep"

Cons: "We didn’t got flt pnr & was unable to travel...ticket booked couldn’t be localetd by Air India & it’s fake site & there is no reply We r going for police complaint against ur website & sasta ticket...thru whom ticket is booked"

Cons: "For my return journey I had to contact the airlines for change of date. It was a nightmare experience. Each time I called, I had to spend minimum of 45/60 minutes on hold while I was repeatedly pushed to new agents. This might be the only airline which would require an international passenger to visit the booking office personally to claim exemptions from date change penalty. ( my mother passed away and I wanted exemption because of bereavement)And to top it, no one knew the location of the booking office..."

Pros: "Great service"

Pros: "Their luggage policy allows one free checked bag and one carry on"

Pros: "Price, crew, and service"
Cons: "Boarding process was not smooth. People were allowed to board in a random order resulting in crowded aisles and not optimal overhead luggage compartment loading"

Pros: "Only onboard forc1 hour. Staff seemed very nice."
Cons: "Only a short flight so nothing to comment on."

Pros: "Loved the food and the leg room available."
Cons: "The head phones provided were not operating properly. although the cabin crew personnel immediately got it replaced once informed"

Pros: "We reached airport at 6:45 PM for our flight at 10PM and there were only two counters open and the staff was extremely slow in helping. There was no duty manager at site which explains how poor the service is despite this was checkin for internal flight. It took 2 hours and 30 minutes by the time we got boarding passes and cleared security. Terrible terrible terrible service and I would never ever wish to fly air India again in the future"
Cons: "Check in - terrible service and extremely slow staff..only two counters were open to help international passengers"

Pros: "Food and inflight crew were good"
Cons: "Baggage got delayed. No customer service agents to help. Ground staff does not know process, airport staff unresponsive. Horrible horrible experience"

Pros: "Nonstop flight Indian vegetarian food. Enough food was provided. Even though flight was delayed leaving New Delhi, it arrived to Dulles 10 mins early."
Cons: "Service does not compare to other airlines such as Emirates, Air France or KLM. Even though food is provided, If you miss the cart they will not come back. You have to pickup or ask for snacks... service does not come to you. Seats are not comfortable. They smells and are old. Video options are mediocre Flight is mostly late. Bathrooms need air fresheners."

Pros: "Very good service Very good choice of entertainment"
Cons: "Lounge in Delhi sub par Bangalore connecting flight was late"

Pros: "Only direct flight from Delhi to DC"
Cons: "Crew was lazy and wasn’t keeping the aircraft neat. Seats are tattered, worn out and really uncomfortable. Food was mediocre at best!"

Pros: "Comfort of non-stop flight from SFO to Delhi. Good Food."
Cons: "Poor entertainment system during the return journey."

Pros: "Price"
Cons: "seats uncomfortable, food below average, bathrooms dirty."

Pros: "Food, wine and ample magazines."
Cons: "No Indian classical music channel"

Pros: "Req.,desciplin manners in staff AirIndia"
Cons: "Each and everywhere missmanagement"

Pros: "Staff were very polite"
Cons: "I didn’t like the seats on the airplane. They weren’t leather or smooth at all. Instead, the seats had orange fabric material on top of them that was very old and worn down. Also the blankets appeared to be reused. I received blankets that were opened from the original packaging. I’ve never road on a plane and experienced this level of discomfort in my life. I normally don’t like to leave bad ratings about companies because the staff were very polite and warm welcoming. I just strongly believe that Air India could use some remodeling for their planes. The level of comfortability is a must for me and I am not booking with this airline again because the seats are so old and snaggy. There were actual cotton balls(lint) on the seats, and I had to place magazines on top of the seat, in order to avoid feeling uncomfortable. The seats looked dirty and felt uncomfortable. And the blankets were old. Honestly, I would’ve preferred impolite staff, rather than experiencing discomfort for about 3 hours. I couldn’t wait to get off as I was going to my destination. And I absolutely dreaded the plane ride back as I was coming from my destination. Air India needs leather, or smooth fake leather seats for comfortability. Also, they need brand new unopened blankets to give to their guest, along with plastic cups as well. I hope this helps, and I hope Air India improves on this for the future."

Cons: "our tv monitors didn't work in our both flights so we were not happy at all. food - side dishes are more than rice so food is not sufficient to even kids, forget about adults.. air hostess won't even greet to everyone. they kind of choose people"

Pros: "Good service and smiling faces"

Pros: "Staff was helpful Ground staff at local indore city office was really helpful and went out of their way to help with my change request."

Pros: "The comfort level of the seats is very good. There is enough space between the two seat which makes easier for people to move around and relax. It was also a kind of nice that my cabin baggage was sent with the checked one, this took away a responsibility from me to take care of my luggage."
Cons: "I did not like that during web check in it did not show me where the washrooms are located, and i ended up have seats by washroom, which ruined my trip."

Cons: "1) At the check in I requested to add my frequent flier miles to my account and gave my card as well. Still she could not do that. after that I asked whilr back to NY, nobody could help me. 2) My seat # was different from the one i requested. staff is not courteous. 3) Air hostess first make arrangement for their resting place in Bussiness class seats and eat before serving to the customers. Very poor service"

Pros: "The staff was quite nice and polite."
Cons: "Many of their TV units or the entertainment system in them were out of order which made it really difficult for passengers to pass time in long International flights."

Pros: "The attendants were very helpful and the dinner was tasty."

Cons: "The flight crew did not do a check before takeoff. There were many seats in the recliner positions, the were children and adults standing during takeoff. When the meal was served there was good all over the cabin floor and hot coffee was spilled on my hand and lap while the flight crew was serving the person next to me."

Cons: "TV not working. No one cared even after I complained 3 times. Seats were hard and uncomfortable. 2 bathrooms were out of order"

Pros: "Great seat comfort."

Pros: "All"
Cons: "None"

Cons: "Seats are extremely small with very little leg space. AC was not working throughout thd flight. LCD was extremely slow. LCD touch was not working. Food was just OK."

Cons: "Air India Flights from SFO to New Delhi and New Delhi to SFO are pretty old. Almost 60 % of systems entertainment systems do not work. This is not acceptable considering such a long flight. Unfortunately passengers are left with no option apart feeling gruesome boring thru out journey. Food is also very bad. while it is understandable that it might be not par with other airlines in all ameneties , the basic needs to be met. Hope they look into this and fix it"

Cons: "Very long boarding process filthy bathrooms ; one bathroom was out of order (on both inward and outward flights) seat of not working properly the entertainment system was broken offered me one alcoholic beverage for the entire trip .."

Pros: "Crew attentiveness, boarding in transit and food were exceptional, and first class!"
Cons: "The comfort of the Air India first class seats was not first class and may benefit from an additional mattress because I think the seats have been worn out too much."

Cons: "The in-flight entertainment equipment was not working on quite a few seats. The headsets were broken and the controls to flip channels was not working. Hope they fix the equipment so that the passengers can actually enjoy the variety of programs available."

Pros: "A lady staff (in JFK airport) helped me and my wife sit together although we had different seating rows"
Cons: "Non functioning video screens and audio jacks, they were out of food (poorly managed count of veg/non-vegetarian passengers) requested us by adjusting to eat only curry without rice or roti. This happed both for dinner and breakfast. Flight Attendants served only one drink per person and were rude when asked for one additional drink. The connecting flight was 2 hr delayed in delhi, whereas i booked shortest duration flight to Hyderabad paying $150/ ticket due to family emergency but not worth as i was 3 hours delayed overall."

Pros: "no "pre-boarding" fees no "more leg room" fees no 'overhead baggage" fees passengers are served 2 meals on trans Atlantic flights , unlike Norwegian or WOW"
Cons: "couldn't recline my chair as it was broken"

Pros: "The service was very good thoigh"
Cons: "Things did not work on the plane like my entertainment system. The food was horrible. I really feel as I was a coach passenger with how old everything felt."

Pros: "Seat was broken. Crew did not care to check whether water was available, toilets had paper rolls, etc. The entertainment system was extremely slow and screen froze multiple times during the flight. Audio was very low. At max. volume, I could barely hear. Food was average. All in one flight!"

Pros: "We liked the courtesy of the staff (ground and air) loved the checkin luggage allowance of 25 kgs instead of 15 kgs in all other Indian airlines except jet air and free food"
Cons: "No complaints"

Cons: "Old plane. not clean. entertainment did not work."

Pros: "Terrible - they changed my flight, so that it would not work with my itinerary and it is impossible to get my money back."

Pros: "All flights were on time."
Cons: "there was no announcement at gate."

Pros: "Nothing,you may better close this Flt."
Cons: "Every thing"

Pros: "I have sent my proof and letter from emergency department so you would refund or credit me for future dates"
Cons: "I hope you Are working on it as i am surpriced you are checking on my flight expereince when they cmissed it Please look into my issue asap"

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Frankfurt am Main to Jammu Satwari

Airlines flying from Frankfurt am Main to Jammu Satwari have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Frankfurt am Main to Jammu Satwari

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Frankfurt am Main to Jammu Satwari

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Frankfurt am Main to Jammu Satwari

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Frankfurt am Main to Jammu Satwari

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