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You're Going to Love Ethiopia

From colorful cities to wildly extraordinary nature and some of the most delicious food, Ethiopia and its soulful people are an experience not to be missed.

What to do in Ethiopia

1. Visit the Churches of Lalibela

Lalibela's churches that were carved out of rocks in the 12th century have to be seen to be believed. Originally used as pilgrimage sites for Christians, today they are home to many religious festivals that are enjoyed by tourists.

2. Hike at the Simien Mountains National Park

This beautiful range of mountains is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers extraordinary scenery, local fauna to admire, and tracks with walking lengths that vary from a few hours to a few days.

3. Explore the Streets of Harar

A true delight to the senses, check out Harar's alleyways, colors, lively markets, and wild hyenas.

4. Go Back in Time at the Lower Omo Valley

Known to have been the crossroads for over 10 ethnic groups, the valley has kept its rustic and old school feel. Make sure to attend one of the local ceremonies while in the area.

5. Spot Ethiopian Wolves at the Bale Mountains

It might be necessary to go up 13,000 ft to see the rarest canine in the world, but the Ethiopian wolf is not the only thing to see around these mountains. Look closely as waterfalls, alpine lakes and lava flows are some of the sights that await.

When to visit Ethiopia

Ethiopia in July
Estimated hotel price
₹ 2520
1 night at 3-star hotel
Ethiopia in July
Estimated hotel price
₹ 2520
1 night at 3-star hotel

Ethiopia has a wet season and a dry season, and it is best to visit during the latter, which falls between the months of October and June.

How to Get to Ethiopia

Entry requirements

Citizens of countries other than Djibouti and Kenya need a visa in order to enter, with some countries able to get it on arrival, such as the United States, Australia and a number of European countries.


Flying is the most common mode of transport to Ethiopia, and the country's local carrier, Ethiopian Airlines, flies nonstop flights to around 125 countries. The main international airport is Bole International Airport, in the capital Addis Ababa.


A train line connects Addis Ababa's Lebu station to Djibouti's Nagad station. The trip takes around 12h and it is necessary to carry a visa for the destination country.


It is possible to get to Ethiopia by car from Sudan through Metema, a village at the border. If arriving from Kenya, it will be necessary to pass through the town of Moyale at the border.

Popular airlines serving Ethiopia

Good (2,627 reviews)
Good (407 reviews)
British Airways
Good (1,781 reviews)
Good (3,410 reviews)
Turkish Airlines
Good (1,530 reviews)
Good (1,046 reviews)
Air France
Good (509 reviews)
United Airlines
Good (3,262 reviews)
Austrian Airlines
Good (309 reviews)
Qatar Airways
Good (1,467 reviews)
Excellent (1,298 reviews)
Air Canada
Good (2,100 reviews)
Good (679 reviews)
Singapore Airlines
Excellent (486 reviews)
Good (1,401 reviews)
ITA Airways
Good (191 reviews)
Ethiopian Air
Good (193 reviews)
Cathay Pacific
Good (148 reviews)
Air Europa
Good (182 reviews)
Excellent (233 reviews)
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Where to stay in Ethiopia

Hotels are the main form of accommodation in Ethiopia. Those in Addis Ababa and the north of the country range from luxury to budget hotels, while in the south, there are mostly cheap hotels with a handful of expensive resorts.

Where to stay in popular areas of Ethiopia

Most booked hotels in Ethiopia

Capital Hotel & Spa
Excellent (8.3, Excellent reviews)
₹ 5,841+
Hotel Lobelia
Good (7.9, Good reviews)
₹ 2,632+
Bole Ambassador Hotel
Good (7.3, Good reviews)
₹ 3,866+
Harmony Hotel
Good (7, Good reviews)
₹ 3,784+
Monarch Hotel
Poor (0, Poor reviews)
₹ 4,113+
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How to Get Around Ethiopia

Public Transportation

Addis Ababa is well-equipped with a light rail and bus networks. The rest of the country is mainly serviced by buses.


Trains in Ethiopia are operated by the Ethiopian Railway Corporation, and the train that runs all the way to Djibouti also stops at Adama, Dire Dawa, Awash and Ali Sabieh.


Buses travel everywhere in Ethiopia and are a cheap way of getting around. Please note that buses do not operate overtime, and all long-distance trips leave early in the morning or around midday. If the destination is over 12h away, the bus will most likely stop in a town before the sun sets and continue the next morning.


Ethiopian Airlines runs a network of local flights around the country; however, schedule adjustments are a frequent occurrence, and it is important to stay well-informed and arrive on time.

The Cost of Living in Ethiopia

A cheap meal in Ethiopia will cost around 90 ETB (3 USD), while a mid-range meal will cost around 250 ETB (8.50 USD) per person, and a one-way bus ticket for short transport will cost around 7.50 ETB (0.25 USD). Credit and debits cards are accepted in main establishments in Addis Ababa, such as hotels; however, outside of the capital it is necessary to carry cash.

Popular cities in Ethiopia