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You're Going to Love Denmark

With bright architecture, charming restaurants, and remnants of a unique Viking history, Denmark is a popular country to visit. Whether you are going for a scenic bike ride, lounging by a lake, or exploring an ancient castle, you are sure to love your time in this country.

What to do in Denmark

1. Visit an Amusement Park

Created in the 1800s, Tivoli Gardens is the second oldest amusement park in the world and features a variety of rides, games, and concerts.

2. Witness Denmark's Unique Architecture

For a walk that will allow you to see one of the most scenic parts of Copenhagen, head to Nyhavn, a neighborhood that is on the canal and has brightly colored apartment buildings.

3. Learn More About the Country's History

If you would like to learn more about Denmark's history, go to Rosenborg Castle, a building that was created in the 1600s and contains a museum that showcases artifacts from the country's past.

4. See Denmark from a New Perspective

To enjoy beautiful views of Copenhagen, go to the Round Tower, an architectural project that was created in the 1600s and has a scenic vantage point of the city.

5. Walk Through Copenhagen's City Center

To purchase some souvenirs and dine at an authentic Danish restaurant, head to Strøget, a pedestrian-only street that is in the center of Copenhagen and has unique shops.

When to visit Denmark

Denmark in September
Estimated hotel price
₹ 7149
1 night at 3-star hotel
Denmark in September
Estimated hotel price
₹ 7149
1 night at 3-star hotel

The best time of the year to plan your trip is in June, as you will be provided with warm weather and longer days that have more sunlight.

How to Get to Denmark

Entry Requirements

Those from countries in the Schengen Zone can enter Denmark without a visa and stay for as long as they would like. If you are from a different country, you can enter Denmark with a passport for up to 90 days.


Many visitors fly to Denmark, with Copenhagen Airport and Billund Airport being two common destinations. For low-cost flights, companies such as Ryanair and easyJet are popular.


You can take a direct train to Denmark from several other countries, including Germany, Norway, and Sweden.


Some visitors choose to drive to Denmark, as it is convenient and affordable, particularly when driving on the German Autobahn.


If you will be traveling to Denmark from a country like Sweden, Norway, or Germany, taking the bus is a convenient option for saving money. When going from Berlin to Copenhagen, you can expect to pay a one-way fare of approximately 200-300 DKK (30-45 USD).


International ferries can be used to travel to Denmark from other Scandinavian countries, Iceland, and the United Kingdom.

Popular airports in Denmark

Popular airlines serving Denmark

Good (2,569 reviews)
Good (395 reviews)
British Airways
Good (1,739 reviews)
Good (533 reviews)
Excellent (3,366 reviews)
Turkish Airlines
Good (1,500 reviews)
Good (1,033 reviews)
Air France
Good (494 reviews)
Austrian Airlines
Good (305 reviews)
United Airlines
Good (3,193 reviews)
Qatar Airways
Good (1,439 reviews)
Excellent (1,272 reviews)
Air Canada
Good (2,023 reviews)
Brussels Airlines
Good (131 reviews)
Good (668 reviews)
Scandinavian Airlines
Good (491 reviews)
Good (780 reviews)
Good (2,055 reviews)
Singapore Airlines
Excellent (477 reviews)
Good (400 reviews)
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Where to stay in Denmark

Standard hotels are common, but to make your trip more budget friendly, you can stay in a hostel, which are located in most major cities.

Where to stay in popular areas of Denmark

Most booked hotels in Denmark

Steel House Copenhagen
Excellent (8.3, Excellent reviews)
₹ 2,724+
Copenhagen Island Hotel
Excellent (8.2, Excellent reviews)
₹ 11,060+
Wakeup Copenhagen - Borgergade
Excellent (8, Excellent reviews)
₹ 8,501+
Tivoli Hotel
Good (7.9, Good reviews)
₹ 10,977+
AC Hotel by Marriott Bella Sky Copenhagen
Good (7.9, Good reviews)
₹ 10,317+
Zleep Hotel Billund
Good (7.8, Good reviews)
₹ 12,298+
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How to Get Around Denmark

Public Transportation

If you will be staying in Copenhagen, you can use the metro that runs 24/7 and connects the city center and suburbs. Other major cities, such as Aarhus and Odense, have public bus systems.


Denmark's train company Danish State Railways connects all major cities. If you will be frequently using the rail system, you can buy a pass for unlimited train rides during a specific time period.


Intercity buses are affordable, and they travel between several major cities, including Copenhagen, Jutland, and Aarhus.


Many visitors choose to drive in Denmark, as the roads are safe, well connected, and without tolls.


A quick way of traveling between cities is flying, which can be done with regional companies such as Scandinavian and Norwegian Airlines.

The Cost of Living in Denmark

When purchasing a monthly transportation pass for Denmark, you can expect to pay between 450-500 DKK (67-75 USD). In the grocery store, a loaf of bread can be purchased for about 15 DKK (2.25 USD), while a dozen eggs will be around 25 DKK (3.75 USD). While most retailers and restaurants accept debit and credit cards, keep in mind that your card will generally need a pin code to work. Carrying some cash for small transactions is advisable.

Popular cities in Denmark