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George Bush Intcntl location

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Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport Address

2800 North Terminal Road
Houston, TX 77032


After opening in 1969, Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport has grown to become Houston's biggest airport. In fact, it is ranked in the top ten busiest airports in the entire world serving more than 180 destinations. IAH is the only airport in the United States to offer more than thirty destinations to Mexico alone.

The airport is located a little over twenty miles from the downtown area and is extremely convenient to the Sam Houston Tollway. With great access from the major thoroughfare, passengers will find that accessing the airport is relatively easy, though it can be congested during peak traveling times at at rush hour.

Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport covers approximately 10,000 acres and handles close to forty million passengers per year. There are more than 800 outgoing flights every day ensuring that the airport bustles day and night. Smoking is allowed in certain areas that are located approximately thirty feet from the airport's entrance. With five terminals, well-ventilated smoking areas, free airport shuttles, a hotel connected to the airport, and five runways, the airport is designed to keep passengers happy.


Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport is easy to reach from any direction. Simply take the Sam Houston Tollway driving towards the suburbs north of Houston. From here passengers take two options, one they can take the JFK Boulevard exit or the exit for U.S. Highway 59 heading into Houston. A toll is charged on the Sam Houston Tollway, so passengers many need change on hand. From U.S. Highway 59 follow the signs to the airport. With three roads to choose from, passengers should have no problem reaching the airport. JFK Boulevard, Will Clayton Parkway, or Hardy Toll Road all reach the airport.

Terminal A

While facing the airport, Terminal A is all the way to the left. Divided into three sections, the terminal contains the Ticketing Concourse, North Concourse, and South Concourse. The easy set up flows well and passengers should not have a problem finding their way to their gate. Below ground is the train station, while level one is for baggage claim. Ticketing, the North Concourse (Gates 1 through 15), and the South Concourse (Gates 17 through 30) are all on level two. Parking areas take up levels three and four. Terminal A serves Air Canada, Air Canada Jazz, America West Airlines, American Airlines, American Eagle, ASA, Delta, Delta Connection, Frontier, Northwest Airlines, United Airlines, and US Airways.

Terminal B

Terminal B is separated from Terminal A with a large parking garage. Terminal B itself is a square buildings with separate concourses located off each corner of the building and along three of the sides. The underground level houses the train station. Baggage claim fills the first level. The second level contains the walkways to the different concourses. The Northeast Concourse houses gates 84 to 91. The Northwest Concourse houses gates 76 to 83. The Southeast Concourse houses gates 60 to 67. Finally, the Southwest Concourse houses gates 68 to 75. Parking levels are found on the fourth and fifth levels. Continental Express is the only airline served by Terminal B at the present time.

Terminal C

Terminal C is one of the larger terminals. Containing a main ticketing lobby and then a north and south concourse, passengers should find their way easily around this terminal. Terminal C sits over a large parking garage. Continental Airlines is the only airline currently served by Terminal C. Like many of the airport terminals, Terminal C is multi-level from the underground (basement) to the offices found on level 3. The train station is located in the underground (Tram service to the Marriott runs from here) and baggage claim is found on level one. Gates and ticketing are found on the second level in a main building and then Concourse North and Concourse South. The North Concourse houses gates 14 through 27, while the South Concourse houses gates 29 to 45 and the Interfaith Chapel.

Terminal D

Terminal D is on the far right side of the airport behind Terminal E and a large parking garage. Terminal D serves AeroMexico, Air France, Aviacsa, British Airways, Cayman Airways, China Airlines, KLM, Lufthansa, and TACA. Five floors make up Terminal D. Passengers coming in by rail will proceed to the elevators from the basement level and proceed to ticketing on level one. Immigration is found on the second level and then gates one through twelve are found on the third level.

Terminal E

Terminal E is Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport's largest terminal. The almost horseshoe shaped terminal is attached to a second rectangular area. Terminal E is attached to a large parking garage and contains numerous shops, restaurants, and services. Federal Inspection Services are located in Terminal E on the second floor in arrivals. Terminal E takes up five floors, though passengers will generally not access all of the areas. Baggage claim is on the first level, while underground baggage storage is found below ground. Passengers will generally only have to deal with the underground baggage area unless problems arise. Level two houses the twenty-four gates and international arrivals. Level three and four are the offices and roof and again passengers will not need to deal with this area in most cases. Terminal E serves Continental Airlines.

Terminal Maps

Terminal Maps

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