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You're Going to Love Togo

Tucked away in Western Africa between larger sized neighbors, Togo might be small in size but offers tribal history and varied nature from beaches, forests and national parks.

What to do in Togo

1. Explore Lomé

The capital of Togo is colorful and full of life. Visit the Grand Marché market and try local and exotic produce. Check out the Lomé cathedral, which has German influence nearby and visit the West African Art Museum.

2. See Traditional Housing in Koutammakou

The mud tower dwellings in this town were built using the same designs for generations, a basic structure built over two floors with dedicated space for all the basics, including animals. They are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

3. Relax at Coco Beach

Togo is full of beautiful beaches with coconut trees and wide sandy areas. Coco Beach is one of the more popular beaches, with a lot of food options around for those wishing to spend the day.

4. Go Hiking in Kpalimé

The countryside in Togo offers lush vegetation, waterfalls, and those looking for an active way to spend the day will love hiking up Mount Agou. On clear days, Ghana can be seen from the top.

5. Spot Local Wildlife

Explore the local wildlife in Togo. Parc Sarakawa is a great location to see ostriches, buffaloes and antelopes, while elephants can be seen at Fazao Majakassa National Park.

When to visit Togo

Togo in
Estimated hotel price
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1 night at 3-star hotel
Togo in
Estimated hotel price
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1 night at 3-star hotel

The best time to visit Togo are the months of November through February, as they offer a combination of dry weather and pleasant temperatures.

How to Get to Togo

Entry requirements

Citizens of about 15 African countries, including Benin, Ghana and Nigeria, can enter Togo without a visa. Citizens of any other countries can get a visa on arrival for up to 7 days, and if needed, it is possible to extend it for a maximum of 90 days.


Togo has only one international airport located outside of Lomé. It is serviced by around 10 airlines offering nonstop flights to various African destinations, Paris, Brussels and Lisbon in Europe, as well as Rio de Janeiro and São Paolo in Brazil. ASKY Airlines, whose hub is in Lomé, offers flights to over 20 international destinations.


Bush Taxis can bring passengers across to Togo by car from Accra in Ghana or from Benin. They are essentially shared taxis that seat up to six people; however, it is possible to book the whole taxi by paying for the other seats. Those planning on driving their own car will need to show a valid passport, driver's license with international drivers permit, vehicle registration and insurance.


Bus transport is available from Accra in Ghana with STC bus company, from Cotonou in Benin with a variety of bus companies, such as UTB, and from Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso with TSR bus company twice a week. All services go to Lomé.

Popular airports in Togo


Popular airlines serving Togo

Good (2,570 reviews)
Good (395 reviews)
Good (534 reviews)
Good (3,367 reviews)
Turkish Airlines
Good (1,500 reviews)
Air France
Good (494 reviews)
United Airlines
Good (3,193 reviews)
Qatar Airways
Good (1,438 reviews)
Air Canada
Good (2,027 reviews)
Brussels Airlines
Good (131 reviews)
Ethiopian Air
Good (187 reviews)
Egypt Air
Good (133 reviews)
Royal Air Maroc
Good (173 reviews)
American Airlines
Good (4,740 reviews)
Good (26 reviews)
Air Côte d’Ivoire
Good (3 reviews)
Air Burkina
Good (2 reviews)
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Where to stay in Togo

In the main cities, a wide range of hotels are available with a variety of budgets, while outside the urban areas, guesthouses and basic hotels can be found.

Where to stay in popular areas of Togo

Most booked hotels in Togo

Hotel Robinson Plage
Excellent (8.4, Excellent reviews)
₹ 3,384+
Hotel 2 Fevrier, Lome
Excellent (8.1, Excellent reviews)
₹ 14,609+
Onomo Hotel Lome
Good (7.6, Good reviews)
₹ 7,593+
Napoleon Lagune
Good (7.2, Good reviews)
₹ 3,466+
Hôtel Aurore
Good (6.9, Good reviews)
₹ 1,898+
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How to Get Around Togo

Public Transportation

To get around locally, the most common mode of transport are taxi-motos and a one-way short trip will usually cost anywhere between around 200-500 CFA (0.35-0.85 USD), while longer trips within the city cost around 2,500 CFA (4.20 USD). Taxis are also available, they are yellow in color and their registration number is usually painted on the car.


Buses are the most common mode of transport when it comes to long distance travel. There are various companies to choose from, but one of the most reliable is Rakieta.


Bush Taxis are another common way of traveling long distance, and they range from smaller cars to minivans that fit up to 15 persons. They tend to be slow but they can travel anywhere around the country.

The Cost of Living in Togo

A basic cheap meal in Togo will cost around 2,500 CFA (4.20 USD) per person, while a meal at a mid-range restaurant runs about 4,000 CFA (6.75 USD) per person. Credit cards are not accepted everywhere so it's better to have some cash on hand during the trip.