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You're Going to Love Tajikistan

Mostly mountainous, Tajikistan is the country of dramatic landscapes, deep-blue lakes, and secluded villages.

What to do in Tajikistan

1. Stay with Locals

One of the best ways to experience authentic Tajikistan is by staying with a local family at one of the many remote villages. Firm believers in the power of cultural exchange, several on-site NGOs list the homestays where tourists can spend a few days.

2. Go on a Regatta at the Roof of the World

Not for the faint of heart, this recurring sports event takes place every year near the Karakul village. The regatta includes kite-surfing, kayaking, and rowing under extreme weather conditions.

3. Experience the Bazaars

Overflowing with ripe, colorful fruits in the summer, the bazaars in Tajikistan are as authentic as it gets. Other must-buy items include local handicrafts.

4. Explore Dushanbe

The capital city of Tajikistan is the perfect place to explore before heading out to the mountains if traveling to Tajikistan for the outdoors activities.

5. Don't Leave Without Eating Qurutob

Qurutob is Tajikistan's national dish, a refreshing mix of sautéed vegetables (tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, carrots), yogurt, and spices.

When to visit Tajikistan

Tajikistan in
Estimated hotel price
₹ NaN
1 night at 3-star hotel
Tajikistan in
Estimated hotel price
₹ NaN
1 night at 3-star hotel

The best time to visit Tajikistan is from June to September. Although it will be hotter in the cities, temperatures are milder in the mountains and it's the best time of year for hiking.

How to Get to Tajikistan

Entry requirements

Nationals from Russia and former Soviet Union countries don't need a visa to enter Tajikistan, as long as they're not staying for more than three months.

Citizens from all other countries can apply for an e-visa before traveling to Tajikistan. Although border control officers can check visa validity online, it's best to keep a print out of the document on hand.


Tajikistan is served by two international airports: Dushanbe International Airport and Bokhtar International Airport. The first is the one with the most international connections, receiving regular flights from several cities in Russia, Istanbul, Frankfurt, and Dubai.


When traveling to Tajikistan by train, keep in mind you'll need transit visas for all the countries you'll be traveling through (Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Kazakhstan). There are regular trains from Moscow to Tajikistan and a trip takes about 5 days.

Popular airports in Tajikistan

Popular airlines serving Tajikistan

Turkish Airlines
Good (1,500 reviews)
Excellent (1,272 reviews)
China Southern
Excellent (11 reviews)
Good (40 reviews)
Air Astana
Okay (3 reviews)
Jazeera Airways
Good (8 reviews)
Uzbekistan Airways
Good (9 reviews)
S7 Airlines
Okay (3 reviews)
Nordwind Airlines
Okay (2 reviews)
Poor (1 reviews)
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Where to stay in Tajikistan

In addition to homestays where visitors can stay with local families in remote villages, Tajikistan offers a good selection of mid-range international chain hotels, especially in the cities. Meals are usually charged separately.

Where to stay in popular areas of Tajikistan

How to Get Around Tajikistan

Public Transportation

Most towns and cities in Tajikistan are served by a somewhat reliable network of minivans and shared taxis. There are no other forms of public transportation in the country, with travelers preferring to rent a car to get around.

Shared Taxis

While the network of long-distance buses and minibuses is under expansion, locals and travelers rely on shared taxis to travel from the capital Dushanbe to other destinations in the country.


Most travelers opt to rent a car with a driver or hire a shared taxi for as many days as needed. Roads aren't always in great condition, and this is a safe and convenient way to get around by car.

Travelers looking to rent a car and drive around Tajikistan themselves must be at least 21 years old, have a valid driver's license issued by their country of origin and show their passport. Payments are usually made in cash, but ask ahead if credit card payments are accepted.

The Cost of Living in Tajikistan

In Dushanbe, it's easy to pay with credit cards, but elsewhere, cash is the preferred mode of payment. ATMs are usually widely available in the capital and the main cities up north. If traveling to remote locations, make sure to withdraw as much cash as needed before the trip. Shopping for milk, bread, rice, and some vegetables at a supermarket can cost around 67 TJS (6.90 USD). An inexpensive meal will cost around 30 TJS (3 USD) while a meal for two at a mid-range restaurant is about 110 TJS (12 USD).