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You're Going to Love Greenland

Greenland is an island of rugged beauty and stark contrasts, with the white of the snow offset against the blue sky. Try your hand at dog sledding or take a boat ride to experience the beauty of the fjords, icebergs and mountains.

What to do in Greenland

1. Hike through Greenland

Take in the rugged mountains and peaceful scenery of Greenland by organizing a hike. There are trails for all types of hiker, whether wanting a long-distance trek, to climb a mountain or go on a casual day hike. If the hike takes several days, it is possible to stay in the mountain huts overnight.

2. Ride in a Dog Sled

Travel through the landscapes of Greenland from the coziness of a dog sled. This experience will give partakers an idea of how the locals have adapted to the weather conditions and environment as this method of travel is born of necessity.

3. Explore Nuuk

The capital of Greenland is a vibrant city that tells the story of ancient traditions and urban lives in the context of the arctic environment. Eat out at gourmet restaurants or wander through the Old Harbor that is reminiscent of the history of the city.

4. Sail Along the Coast

Join the locals on the Sarfaq Ittuk ship that transports passengers from the south of Greenland along the west coast and back, stopping at ports along the way. Book a 2 day journey (or longer) and reserve a cabin to be able to sleep on the ship as it sails and wake up to the ever-changing view of the coastline.

5. Visit Qaqortoq

Qaqortoq is the largest town in the south of Greenland and provides visitors with an insight into Norse history as well as the opportunity to go kayaking on one of the fjords near the city or relax in the hot springs on the nearby island of Uunartoq.

When to visit Greenland

Greenland in
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1 night at 3-star hotel
Greenland in
Estimated hotel price
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1 night at 3-star hotel

For the sunshine at midnight and temperatures that are more pleasant, visit Greenland in the summer months. To see the Northern Lights, it may be neceessary to make a winter trip but be prepared for freezing temperatures.

How to Get to Greenland

Entry requirements

Nordic nationals can enter Greenland with a valid photo ID card as can nationals from EU countries. Nationals from UK, Canada, USA and Australia, as well as various others from Asian, South American and African countries will need to hold a passport that is valid for three months from date of departure from Greenland and will not need a visa.


Air Greenland, the national carrier operates daily flights all year round between Kangerlussuaq Airport and Copenhagen. In the summer there are also flights between Narsarsuaq and Copenhagen on Air Greenland while Air Iceland Connect operates flights from Reykjavik to various airports in Greenland, some based on seasonal fluctuation and others operating all year round.


Although there are no ferries that transport passengers from nearby countries to Greenland, there are some shipping companies, such as Holland America Line and Princess Cruises, that have added Greenland ports to their itineraries, especially in summer.

Popular airlines serving Greenland

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Where to stay in Greenland

Upmarket hotels exist in the areas of Greenland, such as Nuuk and Ilulissa, that are more popular for visitors, but there are cheaper options in other places, including accommodation that was originally used by sailors. There is also a network of very basic cabins throughout Greenland, used by hikers and hunters.

Where to stay in popular areas of Greenland

How to Get Around Greenland

Public Transportation

As there is a very small network of roads in Greenland, the only significant in-city public transport system is the Nuup Bussi service in Nuuk. Other forms of public transport around town include dog sleds and a taxi service in the larger communities.


Air Greenland, the national carrier, operates domestic flights between the cities in Greenland. This is often the best way to travel within Greenland as there is no road network. Air Greenland also operates helicopters, which fly to some of the smaller villages.

The Cost of Living in Greenland

Greenland uses the Danish Kroner as its currency and major debit and credit cards can be used in the towns. In a grocery store, expect to pay around 75 DKK (11.20 USD) for a gallon of milk and a dozen eggs. Eating at restaurants is more expensive than cooking at home with prices of around 100 DKK (15.90 USD) per person to eat in a slightly cheaper restaurant.